Another short entry today. Samuel spends the morning at the office, dines with his cousin and is visited by his brother, and then rides to Ware (en route to Cambridge); having an enlightening conversation with a Quaker on the way.

I introduced a practises religion association to document the Quaker's religion. I've also added this to Joseph Hill in people, as he is a Presbyter:

/* From ontology */

[practises-religion = "Practises Religion"

= "Practised By" / practised


[practised = "Practised"


[adherent = "Adherent"


/* From people */

practises-religion ( joseph-hill : adherent, presbyterianism : practised )

Other than that, I've added an en route to role in the travelling list to show when the described journey is a stage on the way to another place.

New and updated topic map files:

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Culture in the diary.

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