In the entry for 27th September we find a form of gift event. Lady Montague receives grapes and melons sent by her husband and brought by Captain Country. This is modelled as a gift-event, with a new role of 'courier' added which is played by Country:

[event-16610927-05 : gift-event = "Richard Country brings exotic fruits from Sir Edward Montague (27th September 1661)";"16610927-05"]

occurs(event-16610927-05 : event, today : on)

participation(event-16610927-05 : event,

jemima-montague : recipient,

richard-country : courier,

sir-edward-montague : giver,

melons : gift,

grapes : gift,

wardrobe-court : place)

A similar form is used for the melons delivered to Samuel - although in this case the courier is not known.

The entry for 28th September is very straightforward with only four events modelled. The play "Father's Own Son" is a comedy written by John Fletcher and also known as "Monsieur Thomas".

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 27th September.

Topic map for 28th September.

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