This is a genre that I'm relatively new at. Fortunately my first shoot was with the incredible Rachelle Summers, and we got some great images.

For this shoot we were using a fairly normal modern bedroom, with not a great deal of space around the double bed. We shot a mixture of natural light and studio light shots. The Sony A7RII handled the relatively low natural light levels magnificently as you can see from these shots:

/photography/Boudoir/Rachelle01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Boudoir/Rachelle02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Boudoir/Rachelle03.thumbnail.jpg

Adding in a couple of 400W flash heads gave the ability to create a completely different style and feel of shot in the same space:

/photography/Boudoir/Rachelle04.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Boudoir/Rachelle05.thumbnail.jpg

In addition to the Sony, I was also shooting Tri-X in my M4. I love using Tri-X and I happen to also love the look of Tri-X pushed to 800 and beyond (as I used to always have to do with Roller Derby shoots on film). The organic look of the grain and the unsharp nature of the scans I get of 35mm film feel like they add an atmosphere to the shot that is hard to replicate even with filters and applications like SilverEfex.

/photography/Boudoir/Rachelle07.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Boudoir/Rachelle08.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Boudoir/Rachelle09.thumbnail.jpg