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A new paper has been added to the Publications section of the site. Topic Map Patterns For Information Architecture presents design patterns for modelling some common information organisation constructs from the world of Information Architecture. The paper presents and explains models for hierarchical and facetted classification systems as well as for thesaurii.

4 new Published Subject Indicator sets have been created to accompany this paper:

A shameless trail for a new paper...

XML Europe time shall soon be upon us once again, and Techquila's Kal Ahmed shall be presenting a new paper on the application of topic maps in a peer-to-peer information sharing system.

The paper describes the implementation of a peer-to-peer system based on the JXTA P2P toolkit and TM4J topic map engine which allows peers to browse each other's topic map files and which makes a lot of use of the merging facilities of topic maps to seamlessly integrate information from many peers into a single navigable view.

The application (which will be demonstrated during the presentation) also makes use of the TouchGraph dynamic graph visualisation software and the TMNav topic map UI toolkit (currently a subproject of TM4J).

The paper will be posted to this site this space!