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Catching up again with two entries posted today.

The entry for the 7th September introduces one modelling issue, when William Joyce arrives to discuss the hiring of one of his maids. For this, I have modelled the two offices held by the maid and made the office to be held with the Pepys as the subject for the conversation with William Joyce. Once again this makes use of the "trick" of making on event the subject of another. Another possibility would have been to model the hiring of the maid as an event in its own right.

Topic map for 7th September

Topic map for 8th September

Culture in the diary

Core ontology for the diary

Catching up with two entries today.

For 5th September, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel visits his mother.
  • Samuel does some business at the Privy Seal.
  • Samuel travels from the Privy Seal's chambers to Thomas Fenner's house, by boat.
  • Margaret and Paulina Pepys leave London for the Pepys' farm.
  • Samuel, Elizabeth and some others take a drink at an alehouse.
  • A footman approaches Elizabeth Pepys with a message. This is modelled simply as a meeting-event.
  • Dinner at Thomas Fenner's - we only know that Samuel and Elizabeth are guests, we are not told who the hosts are.
  • Samuel receives the news that his aunt, Julian Clarke, is ill, which prompts an argument with Antony Joyce.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth go to Bartholomew Fair and see performances by acrobats and tumblers before returning home by foot.

For the 6th of September, we have:

  • Thomas Fenner joins Samuel for his morning draught.
  • The pair then go to visit Julian Clarke during which she expresses her wishes with regards to her estate. The estate of Julian Clarke is introduced as a new topic and made the subejct of a conversation.
  • Samuel and Thomas go for a drink at some unamed alehouse and then call in at Fenner's sister. The only name we have at present for the sister is given by Pepys as "Utbeck".
  • Samuel attends a performance of 'Elder Brother' at the Theatre Royal.
  • Samuel and some friends met at the theatre go drinking at the Ship tavern.
  • Samuel and William Penn return home by coach.

Updated and modified topic maps:

Topic map for 4th September (fixed an incorrect reference to the site).

Topic map for 5th September.

Topic map for 6th September.

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Today's entry is a relatively straightforward one. The events modelled are as follows:
  • Samuel does some work at the chambers of the Privy Seal in the morning.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth visit St. James's Park.
  • The couple then go to a cookshop and have dinner - including oysters.
  • A round of visiting ensues:
    • To Margaret Symons (who is out).
    • To Elizabeth Pearse (who is in, having just given birth to a daughter).
    • To Samuel's mother, Margaret Pepys - where Sam gets into another argument.

    New and updated topic maps:

    Topic map for today's entry.

    Cultural artifacts in the diary.

    People in the diary.

    Places in the diary.