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Slashdot had an article on the site Cooking for Engineers which has recipes written for the analytical mind (as opposed to lists of recipes of flat foods).

What interested me was the presentation of the recipes. After the standard prose description, is a table of the ingredients and the method. Simple, but effective presentation. For example, check out this

recipe for tiramisu - scroll to the end first and take a look at the table - it gets the whole process across incredibly easily.

Tufte for food addicts :-)

Today's entry is relatively straightforward to model. The events we find are:
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth buy a chest from an unamed vendor in Wood Street.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth make more purchases at Thomas Fenner's.
  • Samuel visits his brother Thomas.
  • Samuel visits Lady Jemima Montague at the Wardrobe.
  • Samuel dines with the 'young ladies of the wardrobe' -- it is not clear who these ladies are. I have assumed that at least Paulina Montague is one.
  • Samuel returns home by foot.

Also in this diary entry, a name is given for the maid mentioned on the 7th September as being hired from William Joyce. I have added a topic for this maid, Mary, and modified the topic map for 7th September to reference this topic. The start date of her employment is also recorded in a new office-holding event.

New and modified topic maps:

Topic map for today's entry.

Topic map for 7th September 1661

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.

Today's entry is something of an instruction in how Mondays should really be approached. The events modelled today:
  • Samuel goes to Privy Seal to get some work done, but finds the Lord Privy Seal not arrived yet.
  • Samuel meets Captain Robert Morris (with the superb office of Upholsterer-extra-ordinary to the Royal Household), and the two have breakfast togther at the King's Privy Kitchen. During which Samuel drinks too much wine (for breakfast!)
  • Unable to do any work, Samuel goes first for a walk in Westminster Hall and then to the theatre.
  • Finally, Samuel returns home, finding that Williams Penn and Batten had called for him. He catches up with them and several others at the Dolphin to round of the day with some more drink.

New and updated topic maps :

Topic map for today's entry

Culture in the diary

Dates in the diary

People in the diary

Places in the diary