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Today sees the first release of a set of stylesheets for creating documentation and diagrams from RELAX-NG schemas.

The stylesheet rng2docbook.xsl does more or less what it says in the file name, creates a Docbook XML instance from a RELAX-NG schema. The stylesheet will document the content model and attributes of each element and each define in a RELAX-NG schema. Any documentation strings included in the default RELAX-NG documentation namespace will also appear in the Docbook output.

The second set of stylesheets creates one or more SVG diagrams from a RELAX-NG schema. You can choose to have the whole schema in a single diagram or to have separate diagrams for specific elements and defines (or for all elements and/or defines).

Read the full details on the stylesheets here.

A new release of TMTab, version 0.4.3 is now available for download.

TMTab is a tab-widget plug-in for the Protege ontology editor which enables Protege ontologies to be exported in XTM syntax.

This release is a bug-fix release. The two principle errors fixed are the occassional generation of duplicate ID attribute values for associations and the generation of numeric ID attribute values when using IDs generated from the Protege Knowledge Base objects directly.

This will probably be the last version of TMTab to support the 1.x releases of Protege. The next planned release (0.5.0) will support Protege 2.0. Watch this space!

A new development-branch release of TM4J is available from today. The new release, 0.9.0 alpha 2, adds features including the optional static merging of topics in the in-memory back-end; a GUI tool for managing persistent topic map stores; performance enhancements and bugfixes.

Download from SourceForge here.