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The TM4J project team have just released the latest milestone in the development of the TM4J core library. TM4J version 0.9.0 implements a major revision of the API from 0.8.x versions which more closely aligns the TM4J API with the standard topic maps data model and with other related standardisation efforts such as TMAPI.

Full details and download are here.

A new update to the RELAX-NG to SVG stylesheets was uploaded today. This update provides new options to create a key for the SVG diagram. Keys can be either static (a fixed box displayed at the foot of the diagram) or animated (an SVG "button" which displays the key when clicked on).

Read more on the stylesheets here.

Grab the latest distribution (ZIP file) from here.

An update has been posted for the RELAX-NG to SVG stylesheets.

The stylesheets now handle the anyName element for elements and attributes. The build file now handles the optional parameters better so start-names and start-patterns can be omitted from or from the Ant command-line.

Download the update from here. A sample output file (an SVG of the RELAX-NG schema) can be seen here (SVG file - requires a plugin or viewer such as Apache Batik).

An overview of the Techquila RELAX-NG tools is here.