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In the last post I introduced the concept from HyTime of a finite coordinate space (FCS) consisting of a number of axes each of which is tied to a measurement domain where the measurement domain might be physical or virtual. In this post we will take a look at Clause 9.2 of the standard which talks about how to define the units of measurement for a measurement domain.

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In his closing keynote at this years TMRA conference (you weren't there? you should have been!), Steve Newcomb made reference to the wonders of ISO/IEC 10744 or HyTime to its friends.

HyTime is a monster standard - it is complex and so difficult to implement in its entirety that I believe only one person has ever tried. That said, the standard contains so much that is useful and generally required for a functioning Web, that many of its pieces got cannibalized, stripped down and turned into hacker-friendly W3C "standards" - XLink. Just as XML owes its very existence to SGML, so XLink and SMIL both need to look back to HyTime as an ancestor (albeit one that never gets invited to the family parties). Anyway, Steve talked about how there is still much left in HyTime that could be useful and in particular picked out Clause 9 - Scheduling as one such piece. IMHO he is right on the money.

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