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The purpose of the visit was to see William Wight, but he was out: "So to my uncle Wight?s, but found him out of doors, but my aunt I saw and staid a while" on topic Samuel meets with his aunt Mary Wight (23rd July 1661)
A dealer in hides. on topic Fellmonger
The name after 'Mother' is missing in the diary. on topic Mother ??? Tavern
A woman that Balthasar St. Michel hopes to woo. on topic An unamed woman (11th September 1661)
Pepys writes that he was not able to rise from bed to join the guests at dinner. on topic A dinner at the Pepys' home (11th October 1661)
1 chaldron = 36 bushels on topic 10 chaldron of coal
This is the road The Old Bailey, not the courthouse. The courthouse is The Sessions, but is sometimes referred to as The Old Bailey. on topic The Old Bailey
The house, in fields near St Martins Lane, comprised part of the estate of the late Robert Pepys, and was inhabited by his son Thomas Pepys until it was leased to Sir George Lane. on topic Thomas Pepys' house near St Martins Lane
Elizabeth, widow of George, 1st Baron Digby retained her title after her marriage to the lower-ranked Sir Robert Bernard. on topic Lady Digby