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Names (1)
Players Of This Role (100)
Unnamed letter-carrier
Jemima Crew
William Prior
Mr. Lucas
Francis Pargiter
James Stuart
Mr Vinter
Mrs Ramsey
Thomas Kipps
James Chetwind
Aunt Wight
A fellow traveller
Unnamed Judge of Court
Mr. Pierce
Samuel Cromelholme
Lady Elizabeth Batten
Mr. Ashwell
Sir William Penn
Dr Thomas Pepys (cousin)
Wayneman Birch
An unamed third prisoner (27th January 1662)
John Birchensha
Monsieur d'Esquire
Sir William Batten
Elizabeth Pearse
Richard Hoare
An unamed master of St. Paul's School (23rd December 1661)
John Battersby
Tom Trice
Dr Pearse's brother
An unamed person (4th February 1662)
Elizabeth Slingsby
Sir William Rider
Samuel Hartlib (junior)
An unamed son of Lord Somerset (30th August 1661)
An unamed footman
Humphrey Madge
Mr Marsh
Roger Pepys
William Swan
Unnamed Wife of Thomas Townshend
Thomas Townshend
Colonel Robert Slingsby
Jack Spicer
Captain Henry Cooke
Thomas Pepys (uncle)
Robert Ethell
John Hawly
Margaret Lowther
John Pepys
Mr Looker
Charles Stuart (Charles II)
Sir John Robartes
Peter Llewellyn
Sir George Lane
Edward Pickering
Edith Bell
Margaret Kite
Captain Robert Holmes
Mr. Savill
Henry Godfrey
Elizabeth St Michel
Ann Mitchell
Peter Pett
Clement Sankey
Mr Salisbury
Thomas Hayter
Emmanuel Luffe
Samuel Pepys
Unamed group of Watermen (7th December 1661)
Henry Moore
John Gregory
Captain Robert Ferrers
Dr. William Fairbrother
William Wight
Edward Montagu (Lord Hinchingbrooke)
Mr Jackson
Paulina Montagu
Richard Howell
An unamed gentleman (26th February 1662)
Robert Barnwell
Mrs. Marsh
Sir Edward Montague (Earl of Sandwich)
Jemima Carteret
Mr Chandler
Unnamed Lady of Captain Ferrers
David Lambert
Dr. John Williams
Margaret Rawlinson
Mr. Washington
Martha Castle
Joseph Hill
Mrs Clifford
Thomas Turner
William Monson
Dr. John Simcotes
Henry Mildmay
William Symons