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Charles II's charter to the East India Company
The Privy Seal Office
The Royal Court
Samuel, his uncle, and his cousing attend Graveley Court (20th September 1661)
Of The Laws Of Ecclesiastical Polity
Samuel and Elizabeth travel as far as Ware en route to Brampton (17th September 1661)
Mrs Hayter
Death of Robert Slingsby (26th October 1661)
Charles Glascock's illness (c. 29th July 1661)
Brampton Court Session (March 1662)
The Navy Office
Samuel inspects delays at Deptford Dockyard with Sir William Penn and Sir William Batten (29th June 1661)
Vote for a 2s. per annum tax on chimneys (3rd March 1662)
Composition (as a subject)
Lady Elizabeth Batten
Sir George Carteret
A theft of a silver tankard and a clock from the Pepys' house
The French and Spanish Ambassadors fight over precendence (30th September 1661)
Thomas Pepys' house near St Martins Lane
Lease of lands at Sturtlow
Charles Glascock
Robert Pepys
William Wood
Paulina Jackson
Arrest of Okey, Corby, and Barkstead in Delft (12th March 1662)
Ned Montagu leaves the country (18th January 1662)
Tom Trice
Unamed maid works for Elizabeth Pepys
The Church of England
Samuel dines at home (22nd December 1661)
Order to fast on 15th January 1662
Death of George Montagu
A writ issued by Tom Trice against John Pepys
Death of Lord Hinchingbroke (false report)
Sir Edward Hyde (Lord Chancellor)
The Dukedom of Ragusa
Katherine Fenner's illness (c. 29th July 1661)
The estate of Robert Pepys
Imprisonment of the Sackvilles, Belasyses and Thomas Wentworth on a charge of murder (22nd February 1662)
Troops of Lord Sandwich take Tangier (16th January 1662)
Theft of a tankard from Sir William Penn
Unamed Daughter of Thomas Townshend
Robert Pepys's illness (June-July 1661)
Thomas Pepys (uncle)
Mrs. Pepys
Ralph Montagu
Ann Pepys
The garden of Pepy's home on Seething Lane
Balthasar St Michel
John Pepys
John Pepys' London house
Charles Stuart (Charles II)
Sir John Robartes
A strange creature from Guinea
Andrew Pearse's illness (c. 9th August 1661)
John Pepys visits Robert Pepys at Brampton (30 June 1661)
Illness of Julian Clarke
William Penn (son)
Death of Robert Pepys
John Mennes
Sir Richard Ford's house on Seething Lane
Thomas Pepys is engaged to Miss Whately
Mrs Hayter's labour (9th August 1661)
The sale of Mr Barton's house
George Carteret complains to William Penn about Will Hewer (8th January 1662)
Military action at Algiers
Margaret Kite
Captain Robert Holmes
The Dukes of Genoa
A performance of 'Vittoria Corombona' (2nd October 1661)
Bill for Conformity
Manorial court at Graveley
Maritime Law (as a subject)
Sir Nicholas Crisp's plans for the building of a sasse at Deptford
Will Hewer
Music (as a subject)
Elizabeth Pepys travels to the Opera (18th February 1662)
Katherine Kite
Catherine of Braganza
City of London
The destruction of the ??? fleet at Algiers (on or before 1st February 1662)
The Pepys' land in Gravely
Nurse's Husband
Robert Pepys extends Richard Piggot a mortgage
John Glascock
George Villiers (2nd Duke of Buckingham)
Hezekiah Burton
Birth of Catherine Montagu (c. 21 August 1661)
Andrew Pearse
Murder of a tanner in Newington
Edward Montagu (Lord Hinchingbrooke)
George Digby (Earl of Bristol)
Christening of Charles Rumbold (7th December 1661)
Funeral of Julian Kite (15th September 1661)
Deptford Dockyard
Samuel dines at home (25th December 1661)
A bill against Tom Trice issued by Samuel Pepys
Turkish attacks on British merchant ships (19th January 1662)
Business of William Penn's that involves Ireland
The King hunts a stag (10th August 1661)
Sir Edward Montague (Earl of Sandwich)
Mr Edward Montagu
Lord Hinchingbroke's illness (c. 11th August 1661)
The estate of Julian Clarke
Royal Navy
Sir Edward Montagu's illness (c. 11th August 1661)
John Glascock's illness (c. 29th July 1661)
A bond of Ann Pepys for 200
Thomas Pepys (brother)
Edward Field
An injunction against Tom Trice
Marriage of Margaret Clarke