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Names (1)
Players Of This Role (92)
Jemima Crew
Margaret Kite
Mr. Savill
John Crew
A sister of Thomas Fenner
Elizabeth St Michel
Hester Fenner
Mrs Hayter
Mrs Cordery
James Stuart
Mrs Betty
Aunt Wight
Worcester House
Samuel Pepys
The Navy Office
Theophila Turner
Henry Moore
Julian Kite
Lady Elizabeth Batten
Sir George Carteret
Thomas Fenner
Mrs Whately
Elizabeth Irby
Sir William Penn
Dr Thomas Pepys (cousin)
Margaret Symons
The Experiment
John Birchensha
Andrew Pearse
Sir William Batten
Sarah Norbury
Robert Pepys
Elizabeth Pearse
John Pepys (brother)
William Wight
The Mitre (Cheapside)
Mrs Terry
William Smallwood
Edward Montagu (Lord Hinchingbrooke)
John Greene
John Crew's London house (from November 1661)
Westminster Hall
Tom Trice
William Joyce
Mrs. Chappell
Samuel Pepys' house in Seething Lane
Alexandre St Michel
Mr. William Coventry
John Angier
John Dekins
The Convertine
Sir Edward Hyde (Lord Chancellor)
Mr Edward Montagu
Ms Nightingale
An unamed man (3rd October 1661)
Roger Pepys
An unamed bookseller (29th August 1661)
Colonel Robert Slingsby
Unamed ships being fitted for the Navy (18th March 1662)
William Batten
Robert Bowyer
Sir Thomas Crew
The New Exchange
Jane Pepys
Dr. John Williams
An unamed woman (11th September 1661)
The Temple
Ralph Montagu
Martha Castle
Sir Richard Ford
Margaret Lowther
John Pepys
Trinity House, Deptford
Wardrobe Court
Charles Stuart (Charles II)
The Royal Exchange
Sir John Robartes
Thomas Pepys (brother)
Elizabeth Hunt
The Norwich
Talbot Pepys senior
John Snow
Thomas Turner
Jaspar Trice
Mr George Montagu
Sir Robert Bernard
Lewis Phillips
Sir Edward Montagus Lodgings at Westminster
House of Commons
John Turner (Chaplain)
Unamed stationer's shop (1st January 1662)