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A sister of Thomas Fenner
An unamed daughter of James and Elizabeth Pearse (4th Septemebr 1661)
Betty Archer
Mary Archer
Mary Aubrey
Aunt Wight
Lady Elizabeth Batten
Unamed daughter of Lady Elizabeth Batten
Mrs. Battersby
Edith Bell
Mrs Betty
Jane Birch
Elizabeth Bowyer
Mrs Browne
Frances Butler
Unnamed sister of Frances Butler
Jemima Carteret
Martha Castle
Catherine of Braganza
Mrs. Chappell
Mrs Clifford
Anna Maria Cocke
Mrs Cordery
Anne Crew
Jemima Crew
Jemima Crew
Elizabeth Dekins
Lady Digby
Doll (Chambermaid)
Hester Fenner
Unnamed Lady of Captain Ferrers
Mrs. Goldsborough
Lettice Haines
Mrs Hayter
Mrs. Hester
Elizabeth Hunt
Ann Hyde
Elizabeth Irby
Paulina Jackson
Julian Kite
Katherine Kite
Margaret Kite
Margaret Kite
Wife of David Lambert
Unnamed Daughter of Sir John Lawson
Madamoiselle Le Blanc
Margaret Lowther
Mary Milles
Ann Mitchell
Catherine Montagu
Elizabeth Montagu
Paulina Montagu
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Pepys
Mrs. Shipman
Ms Nightingale
Sarah Norbury
Unamed daughter of Sarah Norbury
Mrs. Osborne
Barbara Palmer
Elizabeth Pearse
Unamed daughter of William Penn (26th December 1661)
Ann Pepys
Jane Pepys
Judith Pepys
Mary Pett
Mrs Poole
Ms. Porter
Mrs Ramsey
Margaret Rawlinson
Mrs. Rooth
Mary Rumbold
Sarah (Pepys' maid)
Elizabeth Slingsby
Elizabeth St Michel
Goody Stankes
Elizabeth Strudwick
Lady Elizabeth Stuart (Queen of Bohemia)
Margaret Symons
Mrs Terry
Unnamed Wife of Thomas Townshend
Unamed Daughter of Thomas Townshend
Theophila Turner
An unamed lady from Wardrobe Court
An unamed lady from Wardrobe Court (2)
Unamed maid of the Pepys'
Unamed maid of the Pepys' (25th December 1661)
Miss Whately
Anne Wight
An unamed woman (11th September 1661)