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RDF and Semantic Web Forum - Wadham College, Oxford, 30th July 2003

A day of presentations and debate on Semantic Web technologies. Speakers include Kal Ahmed, Matt Biddulph, Tony Coates, Libby Miller,

and Ann Wrightson and the day is chaired by the inimitable Peter Flynn. It promises to be a fun and interesting day!

Extreme Markup 2003 - Montréal, 4-8 August 2003

Kal Ahmed will be delivering his paper on Topic Map Design Patterns.

XML USA 2003 - Philadelphia, 7-12 December 2003

Techquila will be presenting a paper on topic map design patterns for information architecture.

Update! - Kal Ahmed will be giving the tutorial "Creating Topic Map Applications Using Open Source Tools" at XML USA 2003. This is a practical tutorial on creating, maintaining and publishing topic maps with tools such as TM4J and TMTab.


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