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Today saw the release of a new version of TM4J on the "stable" branch of the project. This release fixes a few bugs reported with TM4J 0.8.2, but the primary focus is two new features.

The first is catalog-based resolution of locators which has been contributed by Murray Altheim. The resolver can be configured to read any number of XML catalog files and, when retrieving content from a URL specified by a Locator, the catalog will be consulted first. This allows local copies of remote files to be made and then requests for the remote files are redirected to the local copy through the catalog.

The second feature enhancement is the Administrator's Tool, a GUI tool for managing topic maps in a persistent store. Currently the tool supports importing and exporting topic maps from a persistent store, and deleting topic maps. In future versions of this tool, more operations will be added.

As usual, this release is available in source and precompiled binary packages in both gzipped tar and zip formats from SourceForge.


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