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Topics Of This Type (67)
A Coffee House
Sir William Batten's London house
John Birchensha's London home
Robert Bowyer's London house
The Chappell's London house
Mrs. Clifford's London house
John Crew's London house (from November 1661)
Thomas Crew's London house (from November 1661)
Duke of York's Apartments
Exeter House
John Falconer's London home
Thomas Fenner's London house
Sir Richard Ford's house on Seething Lane
The Harvey's London Home
Hatfield House
Robert Holmes' lodgings
The House of Lords (place)
Impington Hall
John Hunt's London home
William Joyce's London house
Julian Clarke and Margaret Kite's London house
King's Apothecary's chambers
Robert Knightly's London home
Lewis Phillips' Brampton house
London Bridge
Lord Privy Seal's chambers
Captain Richard Marsh's London house
The Montagu's London house
Sir Edward Montagus Lodgings at Westminster
George Montagu's London home
Ms Nightingale's Yelling house
Andew Pearse's London house
Sir William Penn's London house
John Pepys' London house
Samuel Pepys' house in Seething Lane
Thomas Pepys' (brother) London home
Thomas Pepys' house near St Martins Lane
Post Office
Sir John Robartes' Chelsea house
The Savoy
Benjamin Scott's London house
Sir George Carteret's London home
Six Clerks Office
Colonel Robert Slingsby's London house
St. James Palace
Alexandre St. Michel's London home
The Temple
The Exchequer
The Neate Houses
The Tower of London
Lodgings of Daniel Tresswell (23rd October 1661)
Tom Trice's London house
Trinity House, Deptford
John Turner's London house
An unamed dancing school (11th November 1661)
An unamed gaming house (11th November 1661)
An unamed shop on Pope's Head Alley (24th January 1662)
An unamed shop in Wood Street
Victualling Office
Wardrobe Court
Whitehall Chapel
Whitehall Palace
The Wights' London house
Dr John Williams' London house
Worcester House
Sir Henry Wright's London house
York House