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An unamed tavern (29th August 1661)
An unnamed alehouse in Gravely
The Anchor
The Bear, Cambridge
The Bear (Bridge foot)
The Bell, Maypole
An alehouse in Chelsea
The Crane
The Devil Tavern
The Dog
The Dolphin
Fleece Tavern
Fountain Inn
Goody Gorham's Alehouse
The Grange (Portugal Row)
The Greyhound
The Gridiron
Hercules Pillars Tavern
A Tavern near the King's Wardrobe
The Kings Head (Islington)
The Leg
Unamed tavern in Mark Lane
The Mitre (Cheapside)
The Mitre (Wood St)
Mother ??? Tavern
Mother Red Cap
Old Swan (Thames St)
Pope's Head Tavern
Pope's Head Tavern (Chancery Lane)
The Red Lion
The Ringo Alehouse
Rose Tavern, Cambridge
Salisbury Arms
The Sampson, St Paul's Churchyard
The Saracen's Head
A tavern next to the Savoy
The Ship, Temple Bar
An alehouse in Shoe Lane
The Sun (Fish Street)
The Sun
The Swan (New Palace Yard)
The Swan (Westminster)
The Three Tuns
An unamed alehouse (6th September 1661)
Unamed alehouse at Moorfields (11th December 1661)
An unamed ale-house in Graveley
Unamed alehouse in Moorefields (26th December 1661)
An unamed alehouse (31st October 1661)
An unamed inn (9th December 1661)
An unamed tavern (2nd October 1661)
Unamed tavern (20th December 1661)
An unamed tavern (25th September 1661)
Unnamed alehouse near Dr William's house
Unnamed alehouse near Samuel's uncle Fenner's house
Unnamed tavern
An unamed tavern (31st August 1661)
An unamed tavern (31st August 1661) (2)
An unamed tavern near the Theatre Royal (5th February 1662)
An unamed tavern near the House of Lords (21st March 1662)