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In today's entry, reference is made to Robert Barnwell. As well as creating a topic for Mr. Barnwell in the people topic map, I have added some additional information taken from an annotation on the site. In particular that Robert Barnwell was the steward of Hinchingbroke from at the earliest 1655.

The office of Steward of Hinchingbroke is modelled as a topic, and the holding of that office by Robert Barnwell is also a topic.

[robert-barnwell : man = "Robert Barnwell"; "Barnwell, Robert"


[robert-barnwell-steward : office-holding-event

= "Robert Barnwell was steward at Hinchingbroke from at least 1655"]

[steward-of-hitchingbroke : office = "Steward of Hinchingbroke"]

Next, the fact that this office was held by Mr. Barnwell from as late as 1655 is modelled using an event occurrence association with a topic for the year 1655 playing the role "start-before". At the moment I don't have any information about when he left that office, so the occurs association only has one role.

[year-1655 : date = "1655"; "16650100"


occurs(robert-barnwell-steward : event,

year-1655 : start-before)

The office held by Robert Barnwell was conferred upon him by his Lord, Sir Edward Montagu, Earl of Sandwich. This requires a new role of "office-conferer" which is included in the participation association for the office-holding event.

participation( robert-barnwell-steward : office-holder,

steward-of-hitchingbroke : office-held,

sir-edward-montagu : office-conferer )

Finally, it is worth also modelling that the office of "Steward of Hinchingbroke" has a responsibility for Hinchingbroke. I have modelled the responsibility as being that of the office, not of the man - the reason being that when the holder of the office changes, the responsibility passes automatically from the old office holder to the new office holder, it is therefore more logical to see the responsibility as being something "anchored on" the office and not on the office holder. In general I feel that an office- or role-centered ontology is a useful and accurate way of reflecting the human make-up of organisations.


steward-of-hitchingbroke : responsible,

hinchingbroke : responsibility)

The events of the day are modelled as normal - there is a single dining event (with Robert Barnwell as the guest), and two visiting events one to Portholme and one to Hinchingbroke (neatly closing the loop with Robert Barnwell!)

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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