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Today's entry introduces two new individuals, and demonstrates the use of associations to model partial knowledge.

First, Mr. Stankes is mentioned as being appointed as the bailie (bayly) for the Pepy's interests at Brampton. This is modelled as a new office-holding event with a start date placed some time in the range covered by this entry (16th to 19th July).

Samuel writes that his father and himself travel across the lands that they own, mentioning Offord and Sturtlow in particular. Although the diary does not tell us whether this is two separate journeys or a single tour, I have chosen to model it as two separate travelling events, each starting and ending within the date range of the entry.

The second new individual is Sir Robert Bernard, Sargeant-at-law, Lord of the Manor at Brampton and Recorder of Huntingdon. I have modelled all three offices as three separate office-holding events. All we know from today's entry is that Sir Robert has arrived in the country - we do not know where he has travelled from or when he departed, nor do we know for sure that he arrived on the day of the diary entry. As a result of all of this uncertainty, the travelling event is modelled quite loosely with the unknown factors being left out of the association.

[event-16610719-4 : journey = "Sir Robert Bernard travels to Brampton"; "16610719-4"]

occurs( event-16610719-4 : event,

end-before : today)

participation( event-16610719-4 : event,

sir-robert-bernard : traveller )

route-taken( event-16610719-4 : event,

huntingdon : route-end )

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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