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In today's entry I have to deal with some new subject identifiers for existing topics and an extension of the purchasing event to cover an exchange of money for legal documents.

The first event of the day is a dinner at the Pepy's farm with William and Joan Stankes as guests. I originally created a topic for Joan Stankes at the time that I first created a topic for William Stankes. At that point, there was no separate page on the site for Joan, so I created a subject identifier for the subject "Joan Stankes" using the domain. However as a new page has now appeared on the site for Joan, I can make use of that as a subject identifier. Fortunately a topic is allowed to have multiple subject identifiers, so this change is simply a question of adding the subject identifier to the topic definition in the "people" topic map:

[joan-stankes : woman = "Joan Stankes";"Stankes, Joan"

= "Goody Stankes";"Stankes, Goody"


The next event is a discussion between several people including Samuel about business related to the execution of Robert Pepys' will. The diary does specifically mention a deal relating to the future of Ann Pepys (wife of the late Robert), but also says that they came to agreement that other aspects of the will should be resolved through the law. So I have modelled this disucssion as being about both the subject "Ann Pepys" and the subject "Robert Pepys' Estate" - the two are, to my mind, interlinked in this discussion (as they are only talking about Ann in relationship to the execution of the will) and so I use a single "event-subject" association that includes both topics as players of the role "subject".

event-subject( event-16610721-2 : event,

robert-pepys-estate : subject,

ann-pepys : subject )

The next event described is the one that is written about last in the diary entry - that is the exchange of 20 pounds for the lease of some land. The language here is somewhat arcane, but as I understand it in this transaction Samuel Pepys holds the lease which is an inheritance from his uncle Robert and William Luffe pays a bond of 20 pounds to receive that lease. This event is witnessed by Lewis Phillips, Robert Barnwell and Richard Piggot.

I decided to model this transaction as a purchasing event, which requires a new role of "vendor" which we have not had before. In addition this event is witnessed and so we need a role of "witness" to be added as well. Finally, I decided that there is a more general concept of "legal transaction" which purchasing could be seen as a subclass of, so it is necessary to insert that subject into the topic type hierarchy.

From pepys-diary-ontology.ltm

/* Legal */

[legal-transaction = "A Legal Transaction"


superclass-subclass(event : superclass, legal-transaction : subclass)

[witness = "Witness"

/* Purchasing */

[purchasing-event = "A Purchase"


superclass-subclass(legal-transaction : superclass,

purchasing-event : subclass)

[purchaser = "Purchaser"


[purchased = "Purchased Thing"


[vendor = "Vendor"


As with previous purchasing events, the price paid is recorded as an occurrence on the topic representing the item purchased (in this case the lease). As the price is given in the context of the transaction described by the event topic, that topic is used as a scope. This would allow, for example, multiple prices to be attached to a lease as it changes hands and each price to be related to the exchange where that price was paid.

From the diary entry topic map:

participation( event-16610721-3 : event,

william-luffe : purchaser,

samuel-pepys  : vendor,

lease : purchased,

lewis-phillips : witness,

robert-barnwell : witness,

richard-pigott : witness,

pepys-farm : place )

[lease = "Lease of lands at Sturtlow"]

{lease, purchase-price, [[£20]]} / event-16610721-3

The final event described today is a simple dining event with Robert Barnwell, John Bowles as guests of Samuel Pepys.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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