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Today's entry consists principally of Samuel's journey from Brampton to London via Hatfield House. I have modelled the entire journey as three separate stages: from Brampton to the Salisbury Arms (in what is now Hertford); from the Salisbury Arms to Smithfield; and from somewhere in London to his home in Seething Lane. The main reason for doing this, rather than modelling the entire journey as one topic is that on the way Samuel picks up a fellow traveller and we are also given some specific times for certain stages of the journey. With these things taken into consideration I felt it easier to model the trip as a sequence of separate journeys.

Also worth noting with today's entry, I have added a birth event type which is used to model genealogical information about William Cecil:

[william-cecil-birth : birth =

"Birth of William Cecil (28th March 1591)"]

occurs( william-cecil-birth : event, date-15910328 : on)

participation( william-cecil-birth : event,

william-cecil : born )

Samuel Pepys' relationship to Thomas Fenner (Fenner is his uncle) is not modelled directly by an uncle-nephew association, but instead through more "primitive" family relationships. So Thomas is married to Katherine, Katherine is the sibling of Margaret and Margaret is the parent of Samuel. It may seem a bit contorted at first, but Margaret is also metioned in today's entry, so her relationship to Samuel would have been modelled anyway:

[thomas-fenner : man = "Thomas Fenner"; "Fenner, Thomas"


married-to( katherine-kite : spouse, thomas-fenner : spouse )

[katherine-kite : woman = "Katherine Kite"; "Kite, Katherine" / maiden-name

= "Katherine Fenner";"Fenner, Katherine"]

sibling-of( katherine-kite : sibling, margaret-pepys : sibling )

[margaret-pepys : woman = "Margaret Kite"; "Kite, Margaret" / maiden-name

= "Margaret Pepys";"Pepys, Margaret"


married-to( margaret-pepys : spouse, john-pepys : spouse )

parent-of ( margaret-pepys : parent, samuel-pepys : child )

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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