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From today's entry the following events are modelled:

  • Elizabeth tells Samuel of a theft.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth travel to Whitehall, and Samuel on to his cousin Thomas Pepys where they discuss Thomas's father's will. They encounter one Sir George Lane, who is interested in leasing the house (part of the estate).
  • Finally, Samuel travels around a bit, visiting the Wardrobe, Lady Jemima Montagu, popping back home, to the office, and finally back home again.

A busy day for my first entry as guest editor. The most interesting event is the discussion with Sir George Lane regarding a lease on Thomas Pepys' house. The house forms part of the estate of Robert Pepys, and is currently inhabited by Thomas. Originally I simply modelled this as a discussion between Thomas, Samuel and Lane regarding the estate (for which a topic has been previously created); however I decided to revise this and create a topic specifically for the house as it is the subject of a later lease, and is also the location of the surrounding events.

I added a "located near" association type as the house is near St Martins Lane, rather than actually on it. More specific proximity associations may be useful.

To model the theft, I created a theft event type, and dated an instance of it as "start before" the current date, as the actual date of the theft is not stated; this event was then used as the subject for a discussion between Elizabeth and Samuel.

At the end of the entry, Samuel learns that his servant Will Hewer also lost a clock in the theft (and is apparently "very glad" at this). As there are no details of who imparts this information, I have left it currently unmodelled.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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