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In today's entry Samuel spends the day visiting friends. The following events are modelled:

  • Samuel goes to Westminster, where he hears a guitar recital.
  • He goes on the Westminster Hall, where he has a discussion with George Montagu.
  • He joins his wife and a number of friends at the Kings Wardrobe, where he enjoys a venison pasty.
  • With his wife, he takes Jemima Carteret and Paulina Montagu to see his house, going via London Bridge to show them the ships.
  • He sees the Montague daughter home with his wife, and they return to the Seething Lane house.
  • Finally, he writes to his father.

A couple of new introductions to the ontology were required for this entry. Firstly, I added instrument to the roles available for a performance event, and created guitar and voice instances thereof. I also introduced a friend-of association to document the French friend of M d'Esquier; I have therefore added some additional friendship relationships to the people map for those individuals Samuel refers to a friends in the diary. I also added a via role for travelling events, to document the trip home via London Bridge.

Looking over the people map lit the spark of my days as an encyclopedia editor, so I went through all the names and attempted some standardisation of the names. The usual system for indexing is “Surname, Name (Honorific) (Title)”, for instance “Montagu, Edward (Sir) (Earl of Sandwich)”; peers should also be indexed via the title, but as LTM only allows for one sort name I opted for the above, as the title itself is indexed separately as part of the office holding event. I have not attempted to standardise the use of Mr and Mrs (except by removing the point for all, in line with modern usage); this is something I will discuss with Kal. An example peerage entry is then:

[sir-edward-montagu : man = "Sir Edward Montague (Earl of Sandwich)"; "Montagu, Edward (Sir) (Earl of Sandwich)"

= "My Lord" / samuel-pepys

= "Earl of Sandwich" / sir-edward-montagu-earl-of-sandwich


[sir-edward-montagu-earl-of-sandwich : office-holding-event

= "Sir Edward Montagu, Earl of Sandwich"

= "Earl of Sandwich" / sir-edward-montagu-earl-of-sandwich]

participation( sir-edward-montagu-earl-of-sandwich : event,

sir-edward-montagu : office-holder,

earl-of-sandwich : office-held )

[earl-of-sandwich : office = "Earl of Sandwich"]

Unnamed people are subindexed to a known connection:

[thomas-townshend-wife : woman = "Unnamed Wife of Thomas Townshend";"Townshend, Thomas; wife of"


married-to (thomas-townshend : spouse, thomas-townshend-wife : spouse)

[captain-ferrers-lady : woman = "Unnamed Lady of Captain Ferrers";"Ferrers, Robert; lady of"


friend-of ( captain-ferrers-lady : friend, samuel-pepys : friend )

These can, of course, be amended if their identity is later made clear. The latter in particular proved ambiguous as the diary refers to “Captain Ferrers' lady” – the precise relationship being unclear, I could not include a married-to association, so made do with a insinuative friend-of, arched eyebrows and all.

I have also split out non-diary dates to a separate pepys-diary-dates map; later I will move all the diary entry dates there. The dates map provides the Gregorian dates as alternative base names (scoped by a new topic gregorian), and I would propose to additionally provide a name scoped by dairy-entry, as the diary entries name the day of the week, for instance:

[date-16610715 : date = "15th July 1661"; "16610715"

= "Monday 15th July 1661"; "16610715" / diary-entry

= "25th July 1661";"16610725" / gregorian


It occurs to me that as the map expands, some editorial guidelines will be very useful. I therefore intend to create an additional map, pepys-diary-editorial, which provides occurences of type editorial note for thematic and ontological topics. This will also be useful if the pool of editors expands beyond Kal and I.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Family relationships ontology.

Core diary ontology.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.

Culture in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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