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Another missed entry yesterday — this time gin is not to blame, just a very busy day. So today's blog covers both 12th and 11th August.

In yesterday's entry Samuel goes to church twice; once locally and once in Clerkenwell, where he sees and comments upon the Butler sisters. He then walks in the grounds of Gray's Inn where he meets Ned Pickering, who tells him of the King's hunt the previous day. He dines at his father's and returns home.

In today's entry after spending the morning in the office, Samuel receives news that Lord Hinchingbroke (Edward Montagu junior) is unwell; he goes to visit him and finds him extremely unwell, apparently in fear of smallpox. Samuel himself is concerned that it is a result of fruit he gave him on Saturday 10th. Samuel dines with Jemima Montagu, and learns that Edward Montagu senior (Lord Sandwich) is also unwell. Finally, he dines with Sir Thomas Crew.

I had to incorpotate the map for 10th August, and provide a subject indicator for the eating of the fruit, so that a reference can be made to it in respect of the illness. As a result the map for that entry has also been updated. In the update, I have also separated out Lord Hinchingbroke from the four unknown children of Lady Montagu.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for 12th August.

Topic map for 11th August.

Updated topic map for 10th August.

Core diary ontology.

Places in the diary.

People in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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