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I'm back from holidays (very nice, thank you...) and back into the diary again. Ta muchly to Stuart for his stewardship of the blog over the last couple of weeks and for getting some of the much needed tidying up done...I owe you a beer or four!

So, back to business. In today's entry:

  • Samuel goes with Penn and Batten to discuss the state of the Navy with the Duke of York. I have added a few "background details" for the Duke of York, James Stuart - later to be crowned King James II of England.
  • The Duke of York discuesses the state of the Navy with the King. Although it is not certain that this occurred (it is merely promised by the Duke), I've modelled it here and created a new association type of cause-result to link the previous discussion event with this discussion event).
  • Samuel dines with Jemima Montague.
  • Samuel and Robert Ferrer attend a perfomance of 'The Alchemist' at the Theatre Royal. Also in the audience at this performance is Sir William Penn.
  • Samuel and Robert Ferrer are given a ride home by Penn. The first leg of the journey takes them to St. Pauls where Ferrer gets off - this is modelled as one journey. The second leg takes Penn and Pepys to Penn's residence and this is modelled as a second journey that starts after the first.
  • Pepys and Penn go to the Dolphin and buy some wine.
  • Pepys returns home.
  • Pepys finds a letter from John Creed which informs him that Sir Edward Montague's health is improved. The diary says that the letter was from 15th July , but it is not clear if Pepys means that it is a letter he received before today and then misplaced (I doubt it) or if it was a letter that took about a month to arrive! Given the uncertainty, I have modelled the correspondence event with only a start date.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Core diary ontology.

Places in the diary.

People in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.


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