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Another busy day described by today's diary entry.

  • Pepys goes to the Privy Seal and Whitehall. I have assumed that the order in which the places were visited is the order described by Pepys, and so have modelled this event as a journey starting from the Pepys' home in Seething Lane, ending at Whitehall and going via Privy Seal. The diary does not say that he visits the Lord Privy Seal or meets anyone at Whitehall, so this journey takes in only the places and there are no meeting events.
  • Sir William Penn gives Samuel a lift back to St. Pauls in his coach. This is modelled as a separate journey event.
  • Pepys walks from St Pauls to The Wardrobe where he dines with Lady Jemima Montague. During the course of his visit, he tells Lady Montague of the state of health of her husband (learnt by letter in yesterday's entry) and learns of the state of health of her son, Lord Hinchingbroke. This sequence of events is modelled as a journey event, a dining event and a discussion event. Use is made of the topics that represent the illnesses of Montague pere et fils to describe the subjects of conversation. I have also updated yesterday's entry to make Sir Edward's illness the subject of the letter Pepys received.
  • Following lunch, Pepys goes to the Opera to see a performance of 'The Wits' a new play by Sir William Davenant. The performance is also attended by the King and by the Duke and Duchess of York.
  • Samuel begins his journey home but is persuaded to stop off at the Dolphin by Penn who passes him in his coach. Samuel's journey is modelled as a journey event with a route starting at the Opera, ending at his home and going via the Dolphin. Penn's route is described as being from the Theatre Royal and ends at the Dolphin. The ensuing drinking is recorded as a separate event which, for context I have described as occurring during Samuel's journey home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for today's entry

Topic Map for 14th August 1661

Cultural artifacts in the diary

Places in the diary

Dates in the diary

People in the diary


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