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Much of today's entry describes the epidemic that is sweeping London. In the topic map I have chosen to ignore the deaths related by Samuel Pepys with the exception of the death and funeral of Tom Whitton. The events documented in the topic map are:

  • Samuel works at the Navy Office. I have created a new event type "working-event" and a new role type of "worker" to model the generic event of someone doing some unspecified work.
  • Tom Whitton's funeral is held today. Samuel does not attend, nor does he relate who does attend so the event has only one participant - the deceased.
  • Samuel dines with his family and his father at the Pepys' house in Seething Lane.
  • Samuel and his father meet Dr John Williams at an alehouse in Shoe Lane.

The final sentence of the diary relates Samuel's concern for his Aunt Fenner who he says is on the point of death. However as there is little other information here, this is not modelled in the topic map.

Todays new and updated files:

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