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Today's entry introduces one minor new ontology requirement and a few new people and places. The events described by the topic map are:
  • Pepys visits the chamber of the Privy Seal. There are no further details about this visit, so it is modelled simply as a visiting event with Pepys as the visitor and the chamber of the Privy Seal as the place visited.
  • Pepys meets Ned Pickering and they go for a walk in St James Park. Ned gossips to Sam about the Court. This is modelled as two separate events - the meeting (which I have recorded as occurring at St James Park although this may not be completely accurate); and a discussion event where the Court is the subject of conversation. This requires the creation of a new institution "Royal Court".
  • Pepys and Pickering have dinner at the Wardrobe.
  • Pepys and Cpt. Ferrer go to see 'The Wits' at the Opera.
  • Pepys and Ferrer go drinking at the Devil and St. Dunstan tavern. One or two web resources are given in the annotations on the site and these are recorded as occurrences of the topic that represents the tavern. To do this, a new occurrence type of 'mention' is defined for web resources where the subject is mentioned as part of the resource but is not the principle subject of the resource.
  • Pepys takes a coach home.

Today's entry also mentions some trouble that Sam is having with the transportation of some posessions of Sir Edward Montague. He says that he has found out where the shipment is, but does not indicate if this is the result of a letter or a message received from someone else. Because there is no concrete event to model, this information is ommitted from the topic map.

I also corrected a misnomer of the location of the performance of 'The Wits' in the file 16610815.ltm. The correct name is simply "the Opera" rather than "the Royal Opera" that I had previously.

New and updated topic maps for today's entry:

Today's diary entry

Corrected topic map for 15th August 1661.

Core ontology for the diary

Cultural artificats in the diary

Dates in the diary

People in the diary

Places in the diary


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