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I'm back; Kal and I have decided to alternate weeks of updating to lighten the load.

In today's entry, the following events are modelled:

  • The birth of Catherine Montagu (on or before today).
  • The engagement of Thomas Pepys (the brother) to a Miss Whately (before today).
  • Samuel visits his father, and together they visit Dr Williams (but he is out), Mrs Terry (Miss Whately's sister, with whom they discuss the engagement), and William Joyce.
  • They drink in a tavern with Joyce.
  • They visit Mrs Whately (the mother), but she is just going out, so they go to Whitehall, where they receive the news of the birth.
  • They revisit Mrs Whately and discuss the engagement.
  • They return to Samuel's father's house.
  • Samuel dines at the Wardrobe with the Montagu's (older) daughters.

I created an event type of engagement; this is for the whole period, the event of being engaged. The actual bended-knee occasion would be a proposal event; I haven't created this yet, as we have no details of it.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Core diary ontology.

Places in the diary.

People in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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