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Two forward entries today to match the retrospective entries yesterday.

On 22nd August 1661 Samuel works at the Privy Seal, attends a family gathering at his uncle Fenner's (popping out for a drink with his father and uncle Wight), attends church, and then dines at his uncle Wight's.

On 23rd August 1661 Samuel visits his father, with whom he visits Dr Williams, where they have a discussion (I think this probably about Robert Pepys' will, but this is not stated explicity). They go on to Tom Trice's, who they take to an alehouse. There they discuss and sign the will of Robert Pepys, and leave to swear this infront of a judge (in an unnamed location). They return to the alehouse for a while, and then Samuel and Dr Williams dine at a cookshop. Finally, Samuel goes to William Joyce's to meet his wife, who he takes to the Opera.

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Topic map for 23 August.

Topic map for 22 August.

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