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Catching up with three diary entries.

One new use of the event-based structure has turned up in these entries. In the entry for 27th August, Samuel has a discussion with Lady Montague about the preparations Ned Montague is making for a journey to be undertaken by Sir Edward Montague. In particular, that Ned has spent some 5000 pounds on this. This is modelled as a discussion event, the subject of which is a purchasing event where the purchased item is the future journey which is itself represented as a travelling event.

A similar structure is used in the entry for 28th August where Samuel plays a prank on Sir William Penn by forging a letter which purports to be from the thief who stole a tankard from Penn recently. Hence the theft event is made the subject of the corresepondence event that represents the sending of the letter.

New and updated files:

Topic Map for 26th August

Topic Map for 27th August

Topic Map for 28th August

People in the diary.

Artifacts in the diary.

Places in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

Culture in the diary.


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