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Birthdays, gin and regular updates do not mix well; an unplanned hangover-event prohibited an update yesterday, so two days today, and apologies. I shall try to avoid this again.

In yesterday's entry Samuel travels with an unnamed companion from Baldwick back to London, stopping to walk in the Hatfield House grounds. Back in London he meets Dean William Fuller at home, and with him visits Lady Montagu. There he meets Henry Moore, who reminds him he is required to wait on the Lord Privy Seal the next day.

In today's entry Samuel goes to the Privy Seal in the morning, but Lord Robartes does not turn up. He goes to the Wardrobe to eat with Henry Moore, where he sees Lady Montagu, and then returns to the Privy Seal. Lord Robartes again does not turn up, and Samuel is far from pleased. In the evening, he goes to a tavern with some friends, and notes a discussion about music which causes one member of the group to leave in anger.

I've also amended the entry for the 6th, moving the inn in Baldwick to places rather than having it as a local topic on the 6th, as it is used again in the entry for the seventh. So there is an updated file for that provided as well today.

I've also added an informant role type for news-events.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for 8th August.

Topic map for 7th August.

Updated topic map for 6th August.

Core diary ontology.

Places in the diary.

People in the diary.

Culture in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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