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A very busy day today. The following events are modelled:

  • Samuel goes to the office, where he receives news that Andrew Pearse is dying.
  • Samuel visits Pearce, and then returns to the office.
  • Receiving news that Sir George Carteret has invited officers to lunch, Samuel leaves the office to see if he is called to join them; he is not.
  • Dining at home instead, Thomas Hayter brings news that his wife is in labour, and Elizabeth Pepys leaves with him to see her.
  • Samuel goes to Whitehall, where he meets the Lord Privy Seal, and conducts some business with him.
  • Samuel and M d'Esquier visit Elizabeth Pearce, who is pregnant, and meet a Mrs Clifford there.
  • Samuel visits his father, and returns home, where his wife informs him Mrs Hayter is still in labour.

Not just a lot of events, but a lot of difficult ones as well today.

Samuel's leaving of the office to see if he is actually called to lunch with Sir George I have simply left as an event. Henry Moore's reading of the bills in the Lord Privy's chambers is also classed just as an event; this is more because it seems to be some kind of legal protocol, and I don't know the details.

The main point of note, though, is an illness, pregnancy, and labour all being mentioned on one day have led me to create a class of health events, with subclasses of pregnancy, labour, and illness (more subclasses will undoubtably come... just wait for 1665). There is a patient role, and the individual events are given occurs associations using start-before today, or start on today. I included the individual events in the pepys-diary-people map as it directly relates to them, and may be referenced on more than one day. So, for instance:

/* In pepys-diary-people.ltm */

[mrs-hayter-labour : labour = "Mrs Hayter's labour (9th August 1661)


occurs ( mrs-hayter-labour : event, date-16610809 : start )

participation ( mrs-hayter-labour : event,

mrs-hayter : patient )

/* In 16610809.ltm */

[event-16610809-08 : news-event =

"Samuel and his wife receive news from Thomas Hayter that his wife is pregnant (9th August 1661)";"16610809-08"]

occurs ( today : on,

event-16610809-08 : event )

participation ( event-16610809-08 : event,

samuel-pepys : recipient,

elizabeth-pepys : recipient,

thomas-hayter : informant,

seething-lane-house : place )

event-subject ( event-16610809-08 : event,

mrs-hayter-labour : subject )

I may retrospectively implement these classes in previous entries.

New and updated topic map files:

Topic map for this entry.

Core diary ontology.

Places in the diary.

People in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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