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You can take the boy out of editorial, but you can't take editorial out of the boy. A frenzy of correcting and updating means that all the entries for July have been updated, mainly changing events to more suitable types introduced subsequent to the first version.

1st July 1661

  • Added Samuel working at the office.

2nd July 1661

  • Added the letter from John Pepys to Samuel concerning his uncle's illness, and created an instance of illness for this.
  • Added Samuel writing to Montagu.

3rd July 1661

  • Added occurs associations.

4th July 1661

  • General tidying. Also, the travelling of John Pepys to Brampton which so offends William Wight is not, I think an event occuring today but is the trip reported by Samuel on 30 June (John Pepys is definitely in London on 4th and 6th July, and trip to Brampton takes a couple of days); so I've added that day as the start of the retrospective entries, and amended this entry accordingly.
  • Added John Battersby's profession (apothecary) to pepys-diary-people, as this is relevant to his discussion with Pepys.

5th July 1661

  • Changed Samuel's visit to the office to the working-event type added by Kal recently.

6th July 1661

  • Added a cause-result association to document Robert Pepys' illness causing his death.
  • Added a news-event of Samuel receiving the news of his uncle's death.

7th July 1661

  • As Robert Pepys' estate is a topic in its own right, and is the subject of many discussions in the following month, I have added the reading of the will in the garden as an event.

8–13 July 1661

  • Added the news of Tom Trice's caveat to the estate, as this is discussed later.

14 July 1661

  • Just added the description of Hinchingbroke Hall.

15 July 1661

  • A few corrections only.

16–19 July 1661

  • No changes, mainly because the entry is a bit confused.

20 July 1661

  • Added Pepys' mention of his swollen hand.

21 July 1661

  • Added Samuel putting his papers in order as working events.

22 July 1661

  • Corrections.

23 July 1661

  • Added the news of Paulina's idleness.

24 July 1661

  • Changed the news of the theft to a news event.
  • Added a description of Lady Montagu.
  • Changed the office visit to a working-event.

25th July 1661

  • Corrections.

26th July 1661

  • Added a description of Robert Pepys' estate.

27th July 1661

  • Changed the 'unnamed residence of Montagu daughters' to the the Montagu's London residence.

28th July 1661

  • No changes.

29th July 1661

  • Changed the visit to the office to a working event.
  • Add illness topics for the reported illnesses in the news event.
  • John Glascock dies of his illness at an (unspecified) date, so this death has been added to pepys-diary-people.

30 July 1661

  • Changed the office visit to a working event.

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