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Today's entry is another straightforward one in modelling terms. The events modelled are:

  • Samuel goes to the late Julian Kite's home to meet with his uncle Thomas Fenner and make arrangements for the burial. This is modelled as a visiting event with Thomas Fenner as the "visited" and the Kites' house as the place.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth go to their church.
  • The funeral of Julian Kite. I have included Thomas Fenner and Margaret Kite in the mourners. The diary says that there is Fenner's family present, but I have not made an exhaustive list of them here. This may be added later if it becomes important.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth accompany Margaret Kite back to her house.
  • Samuel, Elizabeth and William Joyce travel back to the Pepys' home.
  • Samuel and William have a drink back at the house.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for today's entry.

Core ontology for the diary (only a minor editorial to a comment).

Places in the diary.


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