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Catching up with a number of entries missed due to a combination of slackness and being at XML Open this week. To comment on all of the files would probably be as tedious to read as it would be to write, but you can always read all of the entries on

One interesting addition to the ontology is a pair of events. I've added a "borrowing" event with roles "borrower" and "lender". I've made the existing "loan" event a subclass of borrowing on the principle that a loan event is a borrowing event where the borrower agrees to repay some interest as well as the borrowed amount. I've also added a "hiring" event, which I have made a subclass of both "borrowing" and of "purchase" - topic maps does not restrict you to having a single class hierarchy, although this could cause problems later on so I'll plan to revisit this when I get a chance to tidy up the ontology.

Another item that will need tidying is the addition of a topic for "horse". Currently this is made a direct subclass of "creature" which puts it on the same level in the ontology as "primate". My feeling is that it is not wise to have "primate" and "horse" at the same level of the hierarchy and again, this part of the ontology will need revisting during any cleanup.

New and uploaded topic maps:

16th September

17th September

18th September

19th September

20th September

21st September

22nd September

23rd September

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