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The entry for today is quite a long one, although much of it describes rumour and gossip which at present we are not modelling in the topic map.

The events that are modelled are as follows:

  • Samuel has a discussion with his cousin Thomas about is uncle Thomas (presumably something to do with the will of Robert Pepys, as cousin Thomas is the executor of the will, but this is not made explicit).
  • Samuel goes to the chambers of the Privy Seal (who is not there).
  • Sam meets Mr Battersby in Fenchurch Street and the pair share some wine at the chambers of the King's Apothecary (presumably just for medicinal purposes then ;-).
  • The pair then take a boat to Blackfriars Stairs where Samuel disembarks and proceeds to the King's Great Wardrobe for dinner. He does not say who he dines with.
  • After dinner Samuel and Captain Ferrers return to Whitehall and meet Mr. Pickering at Westminster Hall.
  • This trio then go off drinking at a wine house called Prior's.
  • Samuel and Pickering stroll around Westminster Hall, Samuel gets gossip from Pickering which is modelled simply as a discussion event for now.
  • Samuel takes his leave and goes to the Mitre where he meets the Wight's.
  • Samuel returns home and writes another spoof letter to William Penn about the stolen tankard in which he demands a ransom for the tankard's return.

This entry also relates two events involving Elizabeth Pepys. She meets the "Ladies of the Wardrobe", by which I have assumed Pepys means Jemima Carteret and Paulina Montague, at the Royal Exchange. She also meets Thomas Somerset, a son of Lord Somerset (and possibly the man from 30th August?) who gives her a bracelet as a gift.

New and updated files:

Topic map for today's entry.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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