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A while ago I started work on some XSLT transforms for creating a topic map of a W3C XML Schema. Its definitely not a straightforward task, just handling nested includes and class hierarchies is hard from XSLT.

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to work on these stylesheets for a while, so I'm posting them under the Reciprocal Public License in the hope that some one else (LMG ? ;-) might pick them up and contribute more to them. There are two stylesheets:

schema2xtm.xsl works on the schema file directly. This is probably the least-finished of the two.

psv2xtm.xsl works on the PSV output generated by the XSV schema processor. To use this stylesheet, you must first validate your schema with XSV, requesting the PSV output as XML, then run the stylesheet against that output.


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