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Three new entries mapped today with one new concept added.

The diary entry for 18th October gives details of Pepys' self-treatment for his swollen groin. To model this I have created a new type of event, "medication-event" which should typically have role players "patient", "applied-by" (not necessarily a doctor, as in this case) and "medication". I have created a subclass of medication "poultice" to cover this particular treatment, and then made an instance of this class ("bran and vinegar poultice"). The entry for the diary event is:

[event-16611018-06 : medication-event

= "Samuel applies a poultice to his tumor (18th October 1661)";"16611018-06"]

occurs(event-16611018-06 : event, today : on)

participation(event-16611018-06 : event,

samuel-pepys : patient,

samuel-pepys : applied-by,

bran-poultice : medication)

[bran-poultice : poultice = "A poultice of bran and vinegar"]

{bran-poultice, description,

[[...a poultice of a good handful of bran with half a pint of vinegar and a pint of

water boiled till it be thick, and then a spoonful of honey put to it and so spread

in a cloth and laid to it]] } / samuel-pepys

Note: the definitions for the medication-event topic type and the patient and applied-by role types are contained in the pepys-diary-ontology.ltm file. The definitions for the medication topic type and the poultice topic type are in the pepys-diary-culture.ltm file.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 18th October 1661.

Topic map for 19th October 1661.

Topic map for 20th October 1661.

Core ontology for the diary.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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