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Two more entries posted today.

The topic map for 4th October makes use of the same merging principles used in the topic map for 3rd October to refer back to the loan of 50 pounds agreed on that day - today, the money is received by Samuel's apprentice, Will Hewer. To make it easier to model the transaction, I have introduced a topic specifically for the 50 pounds borrowed from Mr Battersby. So I have updated the borrowing-event in the topic map for 3rd October to show the 50 pounds as the "borrowed item", and have also shown it in the topic map for 4th October as the "delivered item" received by Will Hewer.

The topic map for 5th October is more straightforward. I have chosen to model Samuel's efforts to hang a model ship in his room simply as "work"...should there be a speciailised "DIY" event type I wonder :-)

New and updated topic maps:

Updated topic map for 3rd October.

Topic map for 4th October.

Topic map for 5th October.

Artifacts in the diary.

Culture in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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