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Two more entries posted today.

In the entry for 6th October, the modelling is fairly simple for the following events:

  • Samuel goes to the service at St. Olave's
  • Samuel dines at home
  • Samuel goes to the service at St. Gregory's by St. Pauls
  • Sam visits Martha Batten
  • William Penn calls on Martha Batten during Samuel's visit.
  • William Penn and Martha Batten dine as guests of Samuel.

For 7th October the modelling is also fairly simple:

  • Samuel goes to Thomas Fenner's house - his intention is to meet with Margaret Kite, but she does not turn up, hence this is only a travelling-event.
  • Samuel visits Dr. Williams to find him ill. The illness is modelled as a separate event starting at some point on or before this day.
  • Samuel receives a letter about the legal wranglings over the lease-hold of Sturtlow. To link this event with a previous related event in which the lease hold was sold to William Luffe, I have created a topic for the leasehold with a subject indicator and edited the topic map for 21st July 1661 to add that subject indicator to the topic representing the leasehold in the appropriate event. Now when the two maps are merged we find that this letter is about the leasehold that was sold on 21st July.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 21st July

Topic map for 6th October

Topic map for 7th October

Artifacts in the diary

People in the diary

Places in the dairy


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