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The entry for 22nd November 1661 seems to involve a lot of financial transactions. Presumably such transactions occur quite frequently without mention, but in this entry Pepys gives us some idea of the costs of his life-style. The events modelled are:

  • Dinner at the Dolphin with William Batten & family and George Cocke and his wife.
  • A performance by an unamed group of musicians for the diners.
  • A payment of 40s made to the musicians for their services. In this case, I have treated the performance event above as the item purchased. As in previous instances, the purchase price of the item is attached to the item using an occurrence.
  • A payment of 4l. for the dinner. The recipient of this money is not specified.
  • Samuel travels to the Temple by foot.
  • Samuel pays 30s. for legal advice from John Fountaine. The advice (the thing purchased) is modelled as an item.

Also in this entry a new maid, Sarah, is hired by Elizabeth Pepys, This office-holding event is modelled in the pepys-diary-people.ltm topic map.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 22nd November 1661

People in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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