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Two more entries posted today.

In the entry for 23rd November 1661 the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel and Elizabeth travel to Westminster. We are not told the method of travel.
  • Elizabeth visits her father.
  • The couple return home (we are not told what Samuel did while Elizabeth was at her father's).
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel and Peter Pett travel to Cheapside by coach...
  • ...where Samuel meets with the portait painter Savill.
  • Samuel dines at the Wardrobe.
  • More work at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel, Williams Penn and Batten and George Cocke drink and play cards at Samuel's house. This is modelled as two separate events - a recreation event and a drinking event that overlap.
  • William Penn dines with the Pepys.
  • Samuel also tells us that he has sent a chine of beef to William Wight as a gift. This is modelled as a gift-event.

For 24th November 1661, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel and George Cocke attend church at St. Clements Eastcheap. The sermon is given by Josias Alsop.
  • Samuel and George Cocke go for a drink at the Sun tavern on Threadneedle St.
  • Samuel visits Lady Jemima Montagu at the Wardrobe and while there has dinner. This is modelled as a visiting event with a dining event occurring during it.
  • Samuel visits Jane Turner, who we are told is ill. The visit is modelled as one event and the illness as a separate event starting before this day.
  • Samuel drinks with John Young and Daniel Rawlinson at the Mitre.
  • Samuel dines with William Batten.
  • Samuel receives an invitation to dinner from William Wight. As Pepys makes it obvious that this is a result of the gift he made the previous day, I have added a cause-result association between the gift event and the correspondence event for the receipt of the invitation.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 23rd November 1661.

Topic map for 24th November 1661.

Core ontology for the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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