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Two more entries posted.

The events for 28th November 1661 are modelled as follows:

  • Samuel receives letters from Sir Edward Montagu in Tangier. The letters are brought to him from Whitehall by Will Hewer - although Will didn't carry the letters all the way from Tangier, I have recorded his role as "courier" in the correspondence event.
  • Samuel and Peter Pett work at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel and Denis Gauden start on a journey to Whitehall but get waylaid at a tavern on Mark Lane.
  • The pair continue on from the tavern by coach.
  • Pepys and Gauden visit Sir George Carteret (the Navy Treasurer).
  • They then visit visit Sir Edward Hyde (the Chancellor).
  • Pepys and Gauden drink with many others at the Fountain Inn.
  • Finally the pair walk home.

I did not attempt to model the reported news that Montagu recaptured an "Englishman" (a ship ?) belonging to a Mr. Parker.

The events for 29th November 1661 are:

  • Samuel goes to Westminster Hall. This is at the summons of William's Batten and Penn, but this fact is not modelled.
  • Pepys, Batten, Penn and George Carteret dine as guests of William Coventry.
  • Pepys, Batten and Penn travel to Whitehall by boat.
  • The trio disucss Navy business with the Duke of York. Captain Robert Holmes is mentioned as one of the subjects of discussion - this is modelled using an event-subject association. Also mentioned as a subject of discussion is the striking of sails by foreign ships on the Thames - but with no topic to represent this rathe complex subject, I've not attempted to associate it with the discussion event.
  • Samuel and William Penn attend a performance of the play 'Love at First Sight'. Due to a full house, the pair are forced to separate for the performance. Thus I have modelled each one's participation as a member of the audience separately. Samuel pays 18d for his seat - this is modelled as a purchase-price occurrence on the performance event and scoped by the topic for Samuel.
  • Samuel returns home via St. Pauls Churchyard.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 28th November 1661.

Topic map for 29th November 1661.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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