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Today's entry introduces one new event type and the problems of the unknown. There is also an editorial note on names.

The events modelled for this entry are:

  • Samuel works at the Navy Office, joined by William Penn and the new Comptorller of the Navy Sir John Mennes. Sir John's new position is modelled as an office holding event (starting today and finishing in the year 1671)
  • Samuel dines as a guest of Lady Jemima Montagu at Wardrobe Court.
  • Samuel travels home by coach with "the two young ladies" from the Wardrobe. It is not clear who those ladies are, so they are modelled here as two unknown women.
  • Samuel's female guests return "home" by coach with Captain Ferrers. By home, I have assumed that the ladies in question live with Lady Montague, though there is no real proof of that.
  • Wayneman Birch, one of Samuel's servants, lets off some gunpowder outside the house.
  • Elizabeth Pepys "chides" young Birch. This is modelled as a new type of event, "chastisement" with Birch being the "chastised" and Elizabeth the "chastiser". The cause of the chastisement (the letting off of gunpowder) is modelled using the cause-result association introduced previously.
  • Another chastisement event (a beating this time) befalls young Birch when Samuel finds out and catches him lying about where he got the gunpowder from. Kids today, huh?

On the subject of names, it is a common problem with the diary that multiple spellings of names exist. For example in today's entry, the new Comptroller is referred to by Pepys as "Sir John Minnes", but by Latham and Matthews as "Sir John Mennes". Having recently purchased Robert Latham's index to the diaries, I am proposing to now use the head name as the principle display/sort name for all people and places covered by the index. This means that I have some editorial work to do, particularly as Latham uses women's maiden name as the head entry in the index where possible, but it should hopefully lead to a more consistent approach to naming and to the specification of sort names.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 2nd November 1661.

Core ontology for the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.


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