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Two more days of events posted today. The events modelled for 3rd November are:

  • Samuel takes medication (presumably for his unmentionable swelling...).
  • Samuel reads Thomas Fuller's 'History of Holy War'.
  • Samuel attempts (and gives up) composing a song extolling his virtues as a man of liberal genius. This is modelled simply as a recreation event involving Sam as the only participant.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth dine on pullet.

For 4th November, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel, Elizabeth and William Penn share a coach to Whitehall.
  • Elizabeth visits Mrs. Hunt.
  • Samuel and William Penn do some business (presumably Navy business) with William Coventry.
  • Samuel, Elizabeth and Penn return home by coach.
  • Samuel dines at the Mitre with many others. The dinner is described as including chine of beef and marrowbones.
  • Elizabeth visits Thomas Pepys.
  • Sam takes a coach to Thomas Pepys' home to pick up Elizabeth.
  • Sam and Elizabeth travel to the Opera by coach.
  • A performance of 'The Bondman' at the Opera. We are told that there has been a previous performance at Salisbury Court Playhouse. We also know that Betterton is in today's performance.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth travel home together by coach as far as William Wight's house.
  • Elizabeth continues home by coach.
  • Samuel visits William Wight.

New and updated topic maps :

Topic map for 3rd November 1661

Topic map for 4th November 1661

Core ontology for the diary.

Culture in the diary.

People in the diary.


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