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Posting two more entries today.

Events for 6th November 1661 are:

  • Samuel breakfasts with John Davenport, Mr. Furbisher and William Bernard at the Sun tavern. A breakfast of wine, anchovies and pickled oysters doesn't seem like the best way to start the day to me.
  • Samuel goes from the breakfast to dinner with Nicholas Osborne and his wife at the Victualling Office.
  • Sam visits Henry Moore (we are not told where the visit takes place).
  • Samuel goes to see the Lord Privy Seal on business.
  • Samuel plays the lute at home (modelled as a performance event).

Events for 7th November 1661 are:

  • Roger Hill visits Samuel at his home. I have not modelled Mr. Hill's desire to teach Samuel to play the Theoboro, nor Samuel's determination for him not to.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office
  • Peter Pett dines as a guest of Samuel's
  • Samuel calls on Tom Trice and they discuss a writ that Trice is to serve against Samuel's father. The writ is modelled as an item that is the subject of the discussion event used to describe this meeting.
  • Samuel visits Dr. Williams.
  • Samuel visits Henry Moore for advice. I have assumed that the advice Samuel seeks is on the writ, and so I have made the writ the subject of the discussion event that describes this meeting.
  • Samuel calls on Thomas Fenner.
  • Samuel receives a letter from Sir Edward Montagu in Lisbon.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 6th November 1661.

Topic map for 7th November 1661.

Artifacts in the diary.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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