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Two more entries posted today.

In the entry for 13th December 1661, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Elizabeth Pepys sits for Mr. Savill's portrait while Samuel watches. Samuel's role is modelled using the 'audience' role type.
  • The Pepys return home.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office with Penn and Batten.
  • Pepys, Penn and Batten drink at the Steelyard (a merchants area in the city) and are joined by Elizabeth Batten and John Cox. This is all modelled as a single drinking event.
  • There is some musical performance during the group's time at the tavern. This is modelled as a performance event, but we are not told who is the performer or what is performed. The drinkers in the previous event are all assumed to have been audience to the performance.
  • Samuel returns home by coach.

The entry for 14th December 1661 is quite short and only the following events are modelled:

  • Sameul and Elizabeth dine at home.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel returns home from the office.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 13th December 1661.

Topic map for 14th December 1661.

Places in the diary.


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