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Four entries posted today - although all are relatively short entries.

Events for 15th December 1661 are as follows:

  • Samuel attends morning service at St. Olave.
  • William Penn dines with Pepys at his home.
  • Samuel attends the afternoon service at St. Olave.
  • Elizabeth argues with her maid, Nell.
  • Samuel reads Grotius' Mare Liberum and Selden's Mare Clausum. These two texts are modelled as topics as are their respective authors.

For 16th December 1661:

  • James Bollen visits Samuel Pepys at home.
  • Bollen and Pepys travel by coach to the Wardrobe to call on Henry Moore.
  • Bollen, Moore and Pepys travel on to Chelsea to the home of the Privy Seal, Sir John Robartes.
  • Bollen, Moore, Pepys and Robartes attend to Privy Seal business.
  • Elizabeth Pepys visits Elizabet Hunt (this takes place while Samuel is working).
  • Samuel, Elizabeth and Sarah dine at Sir Edward Montagu's lodgings. I have assumed that "Sarah" refers to Elizabeth's maid.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth attend a perfomance of 'Cutter of Coleman Street' at the Opera.
  • The Pepys return home by coach.

For 17th December:

  • Samuel visits Mr. Savill to view the progress on his portrait.
  • Samuel is called to work at the Privy Seal (this is simply modelled as a working event).
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel has supper at home.
  • Samuel reads more of Selden's 'Mare Clausum'.

For 18th December:

  • Samuel works at the Navy office.
  • Elizabeth sits for Mr. Savill.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth dine with Jemima Montagu. I have assumed that the location referred to by Pepys as "Lady Sandwich's" is the Montagu's main London residence.
  • Samuel and his brother Thomas visit Jane Turner.
  • Samuel returns to the Montagu's.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth return home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 15th December 1661

Topic map for 16th December 1661

Topic map for 17th December 1661

Topic map for 18th December 1661

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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